cancellation in Hamburg... just my two cents

This isn't true, ADTR in Hamburg cancelled?! There must be a good reason, at least that was my first thougt. Learning about changes in the schedule, looking at this schedule, learning that the only change is this cancelled show upsets me.
You know, I'm just a kid in the crowd. As many of this kids I like listen to their music, wearing their shirts, attending their concerts. But there was something about this band I believed in. There was this cancelled show in Cardiff last year. I was impressed by the way the band handled it, more impressed that's the first show cancelled in their career. They returned back really fast and did this show.
Perhaps I'm stupid or so, but what is the problem in particular? There are three days to travel from Belgium to Hamburg. As far as I experienced, there is no huge stage set for European tours like they do in the US. The next show in Sweden is on June 25th. I mean there are some German bands travelling around every weekend, thousands of kilometres, doing this thing by their own, just to play live. And you can't do this show? Are you serious? We are talking about a bunch of guys with some guitars, amplifiers, a drum and some cases. And you are not able to do this within this three days.
Who do you think you are? I am a very understanding guy, but this way you're treating the fans who were supposed to visit this show is disrespectful. Seeing this schedule, especially the tour start and compare it to this... shame on you, guys! Talking about logistic problems - I have to take some time off from work, book a flight for travelling thousands of kilometres just to see this show, book a hotel - at the end of the day, it's a plenty of time and a plenty of money. I don't really expect some of you to understand this personal reasons, so why should I understand yours?
If you just want to play huge shows in the US and the fans in Germany are not worth such "problems" - please leave it in States and just play there!


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