Weather forecast, meeting

The weather forecast for this weekend doesn't allow a training, I'm afraid.

We will have a meeting next Monday at "Carlos" for talks about the team, training and our shirts.


What a cool weekend - good weather, barbeque and our first training session! It felt good to hit the beach for the first time this year and we trained good yesterday. If the next sessions turn out like yesterday, we will be a good side for the tournaments this summer. Until then, there's a lot to manage like our new shirts and of course the team itself. The members of our squad are so far:

Alexandra Lutz
Fabian Gross
Michael Heuer
Michael Sauter
Ralf Gomeringer
Ralf Schaudt
Sonja Teufel
Sven Göke
Tobias Hotz
Uwe Thomalla

...and me. Boys and girls - we're in it to win it!

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