...mal wieder beachen. 5 Jahre ist das her. Könnte jetzt nix schreiben von wegen "nix verlernt". Auf alle Fälle hats irre Spass gemacht!

over and out

Also Leute, so schaut's aus mit den Albstadt Open... seit ein paar Jahren stolpern wir über eine Regel, die besagt, dass man eine Frau auf dem Feld stehen haben MUSS. Die Sinnhaftigkeit dieser Regel konnte mir bis heute keiner erklären. Das heißt nachdem wir bis dahin ein reines Jungs-Team waren, sind wir jedes Jahr darauf angewiesen, dass bei uns Mädels mitspielen. Das will dieses Jahr nicht so recht klappen, eher so nach dem "wenns-sein-muss-Prinzip". Und das muss ja nicht sein. Dann haben wir auch noch andere Ausfälle zu beklagen und bis jetzt kein einziges Mal trainiert.

Das  Training gab letztes Jahr auch schon Ärger, da der Ausrichter des Turniers sein Training leider sehr willkürlich an den Zeit und Ort legt an dem auch wir uns fürs Training zusammenfinden und es da auch keinen Konsenz gibt. Also von uns aus schon, aber die andere Seite spielt nicht mit.

Heut ist Anmeldeschluss und das Turnier findet ohne uns statt. Obige Gründe haben die Mehrheit dazu bewegt, sich zu entschliessen es bleiben zu lassen, als sich da durch diesen Tag durchzuhängeln. Es ist schließlich Freizeit und soll auch Spaß machen. Finden wir uns also mal lieber so zusammen, um etwas miteinander zu zocken.

Albstadt Open 2009

Der Termin steht schon bereits fest - der 25. Juli 2009! Mal schauen ob wir wieder so ein cooles Bild zustande kriegen mit zwei Teams in Rot...

Happy Birthday Ralf!

Another buddy and team-mate celebrates his birthday today. The best wishes to you, baby!

Another one turns 30

The best wishes to my buddy and team-mate Tobi, have a nice birthday! We will celebrate it in style tonight, baby!

Albstadt Open - the final word

This was really a great day last Saturday. The final result of the spots 12 and 13 on the final table doesn't tell the whole story. First of all I was impressed how well the teams did this tournament. Both sides faced strong opponent and kept up with them. I think we deserved a little bit more but we had unlucky defeats. It was fun and pleasure to watch both teams who had also a great team spirit. Obviously, we were the best looking team with our red shirts;-)

getting ready for the first match

captain fantastic Michael Heuer with Ralf and our major fan Matthias

we threw a new player in

team II with their captain fantastic Fabi

the manager ;-)

team I

good luck

Finally the tournament will start tomorrow with 14 teams now. I guess there will be three groups with 4 or 5 teams and I hope our two teams will not face each other in the group-phase. Here is who Michael H. and Fabi G. will lead out:

Speaking of the group-phase - a winning start will be vital for tomorrow's campaign! The teams are able to win matches if they put some pressure on their oppontents and play tactically clever and gain the lead early. They could earn at least one place in the final round. I'm confident the boys and girls will do it tomorrow and we can have a wonderful day tomorrow! Be excited - not nervous!!!

this is it

Stay tuned for our teamsheet as we will finish our talks about the squads and new players this week!

ligament news

I underwent the MR and this is what the doc has found: one of the three ligaments arched and another is nearly arched. Therefore I am ruled out for beachvolleyball next weekend. I need a director's chair!


The weather forecast seems not to allow a beach training in the next few days, but we'll se.

Unsung hero Michael Heuer - his name doesn't appear at the final table of the Bike Marathon as his journey around Albstadt took a few minutes too long.

I will by tomorrow what is really with my ankle and if I could aim an appearance next week.

We will play in red!

Finally, we finished the design for our shirts! They will be red (I like it!) with white trims on the shoulders, our name on the chest and Carlos promotion on the back, no names or numbers. The logo which was unveiled here earlier won't be used as we go for a bright writing.

The expiry date for the registration is over. Twelve teams will be in the race for Albstadt Open glory and we are two of them!


86 kilometers, 1600 meters difference in altitude around Albstadt - our teammate Michael did it! He is a finisher of this year's Albstadt Bike Marathon.

He was smiling at the beginning...

Injury blow

I tore the ligament in my left ankle at an penalty shoot-out tournament last friday. It's hard to pick up such an injury in a sport that I love. And also it's annoying, because I will miss the Albstadt Open. I feel sorry for my teammates but I can't help it. There are things you can't choose and they are happening so quickly. Thanks for the good wishes I experienced this weekend, it's good to hear it!

Squad news

We signed a new player - welcome to Holger at Real Deportivo de Carlos. We will get you in shape to help us at the tournament, baby!

Squad news

Uwe und Sven are running out of time at the tournament, so they won't appear.  Under these circumstances we have to decide if we will play without substitutes. If yes then we couldn't have any injury or something like that.

Squad news

It seems that Sonja wouldn't appear, instead we'd like to welcome Manuela to our team!

I'm thrilled...

... with our training sessions. We had another one yesterday and we can see a progress everytime. Uwe, Fabi and Michael H. appeared yesterday and we had a two-on-two match. Old (Michael and me) against the youngsters, but it's not decided yet. Lads, Michael and me will have a victory on you!!!

Training session, new crest

Our training session this evening will begin at 7pm. I hope it's not raining...

This is what our new crest will look like:


Pretty cool, huh?! If it's possible then it will be yellow on a red shirt.

Albstadt Open - Fixture

The fixture for this tournament wil be July 26th! We will take part with two teams and will be named Real Deportivo de Carlos. Stay tuned for the release of our new crest...

Shirt sponsor

I'm excited and proud to announce our shirt sponsor for this year's Albstadt Open - our favourite tapas-lounge


We'd like to thank Jens for supporting us and giving us the oppoturnity to play under his flag. We are desperate to play a good tournament and having success there!

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