Football in Stuttgart


Having a few days off from my work. I was attending a Champions League match yesterday in Stuttgart, VfB Stuttgart v Glasgow Rangers. It was not a high-quality-match but had a lot of fight going on. At the end the luckier team won with a late winner which was a beautiful goal.

But for me the important match is tonight when my Reds are taking on Porto FC at Anfield - a must win!!! So come on, lads!

Song of the day: Paradise Lost/Ash & Debris

btw... that's me with police officers at Stockholm's slottet...


Välkommen till min nya blogg!


Welcome to my blogg! I know what you're asking: "Why does this German guy starting a Swedish blogg?" The answer is:

My favourite holiday spot is Stockholm. As many of you know, it's a great city. There's so many to experience. I really like the lifestyle and the people there. I'm always a little enthusiastic when I'm travelling to Sweden.

I think a blogg is a good oppoturnity to communicate with a lot of people and share some experiences. So here we go...

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