Emil Bulls - live!


May 2nd 2008 - Friday night

I will attend my first show with their fantastic new album and I expect a lot. Surely I will not be disappointed as their concerts has been always at least fantastic. The concert will be in Ulm, a nice city so far. Maybe we will climb the tower of this little chapel.


New soap opera!

Starring: Tom Hicks, George Gillett (owners of LFC) and Rick Parry (chairman)


There's daily news about the crisis of the executive suite with this "comedians". Search the internet forums for something to laugh about, oh boy!

New home shirt!!!

The club unveiled the new home kit today, and here we go...


Pretty cool shirt! I like the Liverbird in the neck very much.


I'll hope my Reds will be League Champions in this new shirt.

Disaster striked...

...after 5 minutes over the regular time. An own goal costed LFC the deserved victory. Don't blame John Arne Riise - football is a team game! Help him to bounce back in London. My mighty Reds can score at the Stamford Bridge and reach the finay anyway! A word to the referee: How could such a match last five minutes longer? I don't understand...


Jamie at home...

...or "Natürlich Jamie" in German - great book! I've bought it last week and there are a plenty of good recipies in it.


Hat-trick requested!


Once again, Reds v Blues in the semis after 2005 and 2007. The Reds came out on top at both times. I don't hope the third time will be lucky for Chelsea!

Esfandiari finished eight

The Magician opened his seat very soon at the final table. It was obvious as he had only a few chips and a "baby-ace" in his last hand with A8 and lost the rest of his chips to a flopped straight. Anyway, it's always good to reach the final.


Here is the evidence, that this is more than an average beer...




European Poker Tour in Monte Carlo

This tournament is running these days with one of my favourite poker players in front now. Good luck to The Magician! The former German tennis-pro Boris Becker took the status of a spectacor on the first day, hehe. Maybe he's got to find his way to play a little bit better.


The other good news is that Phil Hellmuth will have his own blog at overcards.de. I'm sure it's worth to visit it from time to time. The "Poker Brat" is one of the most entertaining players.



Let me ask for a minute of silence for those who lost their lives at Hillsborough at 15 April 1989...


News from www.liverpoolfc.tv:


Back from Cologne

Woah, this was a short but intense weekend. We were at some breweries and bars and I got a little bit drunk. But that's o.k., because this seems to be normal in this city. Stay tuned for some pics...

Spot 69 in the German album charts


The Black Path entered the German Charts with the 69th spot - very cool, boys!

And this weekend: Cologne!

I'll travel to Cologne tomorrow for a short trip with a few friends. I was there for a few times - an amazing city with lots of cool people and the tasty beer called "Kölsch". Maybe we will have a few of them, we'll se.


The short trip will be closed by (obviously) a football match. This time in the in my opinion not really good stadium "BayArena". It's necessary to do something there!


You're gonna burn in hell!


No, not them... a nice snapshot of Saikov and Panzer from Itchy Poopzkid at the video-shoot for "The Most Evil Spell". Cool guys, good music - check them out www.scheisscombo.de!

And it's Liverpool, Liverpool FC!!!

Another great night at Anfield with the better end for the Reds! They are into the semis for the third time in the last four years. The next opponent is Chelsea, again. The series should not end, lads. Chelsea in the semis equals Reds in the final!

Hail the scorers of last night: Sami Hyypiä (a regular scorer in the quarter-finals), Fernando Torres, Steven Gerrard (was taking aim from the spot in an exciting way) and Ryan Babel!


And another one

It's still cold outside, so this one matches. The picture has been shot last year at Stockholm's Absolute Ice Bar. Superb drinks there!!!


Lifestyle Of The Rich And Famous

One of my favourite songs and I've found a matching picture of mine...


The Black Path

The title of the album keeps the promise, baby! 14 songs of darkness, melancholy and fat guitar riffs combined with the wonderful voice of Christoph von Freydorf... another regular sound on my stereo! I can't wait to see a show with this beautiful songs but I have to until May 2nd...


The Black Path - out now!


The new album of the Bavarian band is out today, along with the relauch of their new website www.emilbulls.com! Btw, the band-picture was shot by Severin Schweiger.

Draw at the Emirates

What an intensive match yesterday and what an amazing assist by Steven Gerrard!


Dreamgirl of the month - April

It's Kristin Kreuk, baby!


Roasted potato rods


For 2 persons

You need:

6 large floury potatoes





lemon juice

olive oil (extra vergin)

a clove of garlic

Peel the potatoes and cut them into broad streaks, about 1 cm. Preheat your oven up to 230 degrees Celsius. Bring the potato streaks to boil with some salt water - the streaks should be covered by the water, they don't need to swim. Let them simmer for 5 minutes at this point. Meanwhile, prepare a blank sheet with baking paper. Decant the potatoes and let them in the filter for a couple of minutes. After that, bring the potatoes on the blank sheet, spice it up with salt, pepper and rosemary. Give a little bit of lemon juice and a few sips of olive oil overall and add a squashed clove of garlic. Roast for 20 - 25 minutes.

Torres fired Reds to derby victory!

El Nino's early goal was the decider! I'm delighted with this result, baby!


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