new month, new luck

Tomorrow is the first of February, the first matchday in a new month for the Reds when they entertain Chelsea at Anfield. As you read, January was under my expectations and I'm sure I'm not the only one who was dissapointed. A win will be vital, moaning about dropped points was yesterday!

on tour

Itchy Poopzkid will be on tour from next Wednesday until the first of March in Stuttgart. Check details out at

04.02.09 Karlsruhe, Substage
05.02.09 Frankfurt, Batschkapp
06.02.09 Osnabrück, Kleine Freiheit
07.02.09 Bremen, Lagerhaus
09.02.09 Hamburg, Knust
10.02.09 Leipzig, Moritzbastei
11.02.09 Dresden, Beatpol
12.02.09 Berlin, SO36
13.02.09 Dortmund, FZW
14.02.09 Hannover, Faust
16.02.09 Erlangen, E-Werk
17.02.09 Köln, Luxor
18.02.09 Saarbrücken, Roxy
19.02.09 CH-Zürich, Dynamo
20.02.09 CH-Aarau, Flösserplatz
21.02.09 CH-Basel, Sommercasino
22.02.09 Freiburg, Auditorium der JRS
24.02.09 München, Backstage
25.02.09 A-Innsbruck, Weekender
26.02.09 A-Graz, PPC
27.02.09 A-Salzburg, Rockhouse
28.02.09 A-Aigen, Kikas
01.03.09 Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn

23 concerts in February, 3 different countries - respect, guys!

a word I can't hear in January

Guess which one? Yes - draw! Another one in Wigan and Rafa is still saying that the Reds have a great oppoturnity to win the Premier League. Meanwhile, Chelsea and Aston Villa has got the same one as they got also 47 points. It would be vital, if the team would score more goals and will not get stupid against goals. Benayoun proved his start by scoring, but Lucas again... aaah... I could get furious when I see his name on the team-sheet this season? Btw... he caused the penalty on Wednesday in the 83th minute, how stupid... this player has cost a couple of points in my opinion.

tonight is a must win every match in this season to land the title!

Omaha Hold 'Em

Well, on Saturday was desastrous as I went broke for several times at Full Tilt. I tried it again yesterday and it was a different day as my stack is now about 12.000 (started with 1.000). So I played some Omaha for the first time and was a lot of fun, especially HiLo. It costed me a little bit after a good start, but I think I will gain some more experience, maybe I will play some Stud, too.

another Merseyside cup tie

Anfield saw another draw a few minutes ago as both teams scored once. Of course, it was Steven Gerrard who cancelled out Everton's lead. That means this match will be repeated at Goodison Park. The Reds were clearly better and had about 15 shots on goal, but I missed the clear chances. I don't know why Babel started and not Riera. Dossena had a better performance, I don't wanna be unfair as I wrote a bad line about him. Kuyt is running out of luck these days, otherwise he would have scored.

pocket rockets

I don't know... it's a strange relationship between me and the rockets. To your information, currently I'm playing at Full Tilt. A few minutes ago, I had a pair of aces in late position and a chat with an opponent who was stealing all the time. To my luck - my first thougth - he pushed all in with a pair of queens. The flop showed another ace - trips for me - and two small cards. Guess what happened on the turn... a queen! And on the river? Another queen!!! One out, one or two per cent possibilty. Maybe the best for me is folding the rockets pre-flop the next time.

Rafa at the press conference

>Is a draw on Sunday the worst possible result for you?
No, the worst result would be to lose. A win is better than a draw, and a defeat is worse than a draw.<

So far, so good - I want them to win!

dead serious

As I always do, I bought the album on its release date. Not too early, cause this album is really great. 14 songs to help you getting into a good mood.

Deichkind live

Woah... this was a great show yesterday, what a fun! The right way to start the weekend!

Christoph solo

I mentioned earlier here Christoph's solo project "Flamingo". Meanwhile, he has some other songs on, even in German!

court appearance

Steven Gerrard made his first court appearance today for assaulting the DJ. Damn, I can't still believe it... alright, I who of us hadn't the wish to beat up the DJ for the wrong music. Somebody has to do it sometimes, but for Phil Collins?! OK, each to his own.

He looked like I do when I'm going to work, very nice, something different as a tracksuit.

kitchen desaster

After my entry yesterday about LFC, the day continued to be bad in the evening. I expirienced that starcooks recipies could be more difficult to cook than to read. It happens not so often to me that cooking ends in a desaster, but yesterday it got me. The attempt to make Käsnocken ended in half "a little bit good" and the other half... no, I don't wanna talk about that anymore, I wanna stay calm. Right now as I write these lines, I try to make "Rohrnudeln". Yes, the Bavarian food series continues here! Wish me luck... if it turns out well, I will release the recipy here.

a draw which equals a defeat

And another draw... in one of my last entries I wrote about how sick I am about writing draws. This one yesterday was not earning one point, it was losing two points. Alright, the two best men of their teams were blessed with scoring, it's difficult to keep Cahill out of the match for the whole 90 minutes. But where the hell was the central defensive?! I'm not into questioning about the manager, but I don't understand why Carragher is fielded as a full-back. In my opinion he has to play in the central defensive, together with Agger. Insua and Arbeloa were the best full-backs this season, they did a great job. Why is Rafa not a little bit riskier and surprises Everton with a 4-3-3 with Kuyt as a striker and not a midfielder? This is not enough for a club with this approaches. With the arrival of Keane, Riera, Degen and Dossena the sights into this season were bright. The reality shows that Keane is more offside than anything, he didn't shine very often, Riera did some good matches, Degen can't cope with his injury problems and Dossena is simply not good enough to wear a red shirt. Mean, or what? Well, that's my opinion... I think most of the fans at Anfield were as dissapointed as I am with this derby! This team can do more, but if they would land title number 19 this year? I don't know, right now is my answer "no".

let's start the week in style

Every Merseyside derby is important, but these two this week are special!


Papa Roach will release their new record on March 24th! For those of you who don't know, the band got a new drummer with Tony Palermo. It sounds that he does his job really well.

Don't forget about the new Itchy Poopzkid album on friday.

derby double next week

The next week could be a deciding one for LFC. The Reds will face Everton in two matches on Monday and Sunday, Monday Premier League, Sunday FA Cup. The FA Cup will be important this season, because this year is the 20th anniversary of Hillsborough, where 96 LFC-fans lost their lives in Sheffield at the FA Cup semi-final. Anyway, the PL match is also important. The Reds have to take these three points! Let's hope that Rafa will send out his strongest eleven and have a great strategic idea! Both matches are must wins!!!

last breath of life

Oh man, I just found out that one of my favourite band is going to break up. We say goodbye to Semtex, their music was and is still great. I like to listen to their albums. They are planning to play a number of farewell-gigs, so I hope I will have the opportunity to see them live for a list time. this spirit - "let us touch the sky" - you will be missed, boys

another setlist

I've just found the setlist of the Farmer Boys reloaded concert... here we go...

good morning everybody

Let's have a great day, baby!

Bulls on tour in 2009

Check out the new dates of the Bavarian rockers on or on along with a new demo track and some live tracks!

new notebook

Finally, I'm online in my flat with my new Acer notebook, 4 GB, baby! I'm off to Kent's push & pull in the next few minutes;-)

a word from IP

another draw

I'm sick of writing about draws and starting eleven, of which I don't know what Rafa has thought about it!

ancestral portrait gallery

...and the ulitmate rockstar, the cuba-libre-killer



What is so difficult about wearing number 7 on the back in a LFC shirt? I watched Saturday's FA Cup match and was very dissapointed about this striker, who has always been a fave of me. It seems noone since Kenny Dalglish can cope with this burden of this magic number. Just look back at the spell of Harry Kewell. He couldn't reach the strength he had on his Leeds United days. Smicer was also never at his highest level. I hope Robbie will end this series of players sinking with the 7, we'll se...

Farmers snapshot

after the concert last year with my buddy Matze Maier

FA Cup

A fine strike by Riera and a Torres goal (set up by Gerrard) lifted the Reds into the next round. Even more exciting this is the draw:

another Merseyside derby!

dreamgirl of the month - January 2009

Swedish cross-country-skiing star Charlotte Kalla

major trio back at Melwood

Rafa Benitez, Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard are back at Melwood. Ladies and gentlemen, I couldn't believe it when I heard about the incident with Gerrard at the Liverpool night spot. The Reds will face Preston North end with former LFC striker Neil Mellor on their side.

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