Poker-tournaments maybe prohibited in Germany!

Rheinland-Pfalz is the first German council, who has prohibited poker-tournaments outside casinos. Ok, gambling was always prohibited in Germany. Let's see if other councils will do it the same way. Allow me the question: What about online-poker?! I think a person will not be addicted to gamble if he or she will appear at a tournament with a little buy-in from time to time! It's everyone's liabilty to estimate his risk about playing poker. Too bad for common-sense players, who maybe now will visit a casion and spend more money and are more leading in in temptation of compulsive gamling.

Fellow players, keep all your senses together!

I'm thrilled...

... with our training sessions. We had another one yesterday and we can see a progress everytime. Uwe, Fabi and Michael H. appeared yesterday and we had a two-on-two match. Old (Michael and me) against the youngsters, but it's not decided yet. Lads, Michael and me will have a victory on you!!!

What an evening...

...yesterday! It was a pretty good training session after a stumbling beginning. There were some other (good) teams at the training ground. I think it's good to learn from them and even better to keep up with.

Our two teams are now on the list for the tournament - have a look at - two teams who are hard to beat!

In the meantime I will follow the suit of my role model Kenny Dalglish and look for some female players. If you have interest or any suggestions feel free to write in kommentarer.

German defense

Honestly it was a poor display of the defense yesterday. I hope it will be better at the Euro championship!

Training session, new crest

Our training session this evening will begin at 7pm. I hope it's not raining...

This is what our new crest will look like:


Pretty cool, huh?! If it's possible then it will be yellow on a red shirt.

Emil Bulls at German festivals

The Bavarian rock-heroes will play a number of festivals this summer. A highlight is surely the concert at August 14th at the Summer-Breeze, when the boys will play together with Paradise Lost!!! Other concerts in the Swabian area will take place in Ulm at July 4th and in Horb aN at August 23rd.

Albstadt Open - Fixture

The fixture for this tournament wil be July 26th! We will take part with two teams and will be named Real Deportivo de Carlos. Stay tuned for the release of our new crest...

Shirt sponsor

I'm excited and proud to announce our shirt sponsor for this year's Albstadt Open - our favourite tapas-lounge


We'd like to thank Jens for supporting us and giving us the oppoturnity to play under his flag. We are desperate to play a good tournament and having success there!

Euro squads

A few days to go - the Euro starts in early June and the squads has been named so far. Surprisingly, Henrik Larsson is back in the Swedish team and Raul won't fire for Spain this time! Sverige's EM-Truppen stands for experience if you wanna avoid the term "old". Jogi Löw also surprised with the German squad with Adler in and Hildebrand out in Germany's goal. It will be interesting to see how it turns out in the tournament.

All my best wishes goes out to the Anfield lads, who are participating with their national squads (a little bit more wishes with Spain than the Netherlands, ok)!

Maybe we will se this pair in their national shirts...


Weather forecast, meeting

The weather forecast for this weekend doesn't allow a training, I'm afraid.

We will have a meeting next Monday at "Carlos" for talks about the team, training and our shirts.

Premier League - my final word

Well, the season is over and ended with a victory at White Hart Lane. El Nino netted his 33rd goal and it was a pleasure to watch him this season. The gap to ManU is 11 points. Honestly, there were way to many draws this season and the team didn't claim the big points (defeats versus ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea). They should avoid that in the next season to close the gap and to be in the race for the title. United is too close to LFC's record of 18 titles!

For now I want to thank my mighty Reds for an entertaining season with more heights than lows - the fourth spot (one spot ahead Everton, hehe) and CL-semifinals aren't too bad.


What a cool weekend - good weather, barbeque and our first training session! It felt good to hit the beach for the first time this year and we trained good yesterday. If the next sessions turn out like yesterday, we will be a good side for the tournaments this summer. Until then, there's a lot to manage like our new shirts and of course the team itself. The members of our squad are so far:

Alexandra Lutz
Fabian Gross
Michael Heuer
Michael Sauter
Ralf Gomeringer
Ralf Schaudt
Sonja Teufel
Sven Göke
Tobias Hotz
Uwe Thomalla

...and me. Boys and girls - we're in it to win it!

New stereo!

After my old Philips stereo decided to not serve me as good as it did for the last seven years, I bought a new one yesterday. After it seems to be an endless search for the last couple of weeks, it turned out to be a LG stereo. It has a nice design with a touchpad, it's black (yeah!) and it sounds like hell! Obviously, I inaugurated it with "The Black Path";-) My neighbours will love me for this purchase...


lottery winnings

My co-workers and I won a few euros in the German lottery. That is reason enough for us to spent another evening in our favourite tapas bar "Carlos". It was only enough money for the food, but who cares. Anyway, we ordered a couple of these...
... and a few products from this brewery...
It was very funny yesterday - call it a day, go to the restaurant, eat something good and have a couple of drinks - an evening after my fancy!

King Kenny tells Hicks, Gillett and Parry to stop fighting


Kenny Dalglish, who managed LFC between 1985 and 1991, sets the right sight to next season. The current season will end next Sunday at the White Hart Lane with a fourth spot in the League table. This "soap opera" between the LFC heads must come to an end to have a clear focus on the next season. By the way - is this a cool tracktop or what?

It seems that Crouch, Kewell and Carson will be shown the exit door at Anfield, not really bad news though I feel a little bit sorry for Harry Kewell. Lucas and Javier Mascherano are intending to miss the start of next season while they are playing the Olympics. The new stadium is approved but there's no date when the work will begin. Maybe never, but this is not really a problem to me because I like Anfield!

The good news are: Gerrard wants another title with Liverpool and the reserves capped the season with a trophy at the Reserves League final last night.

Silent Decay

Check the support for Emil Bulls on the current tour out on

dreamgirl of the month - May

The most beautiful décolleté in German poker-shows Kerstin Linnartz!




Thanks to Chrissy, who sent me last Friday's setlist:


Champions League - my final word

A tremendous CL-season ended on Wednesday with the better end for Chelsea this time. I think the lads couldn't ask for more, apart from the two referees in both legs. I think it is to grant Frank Lampard that he scored from the spot. He has to deal with a difficult situation these days and my opinion is that he deserves to enter the final at Moscow.

My Reds played well this season, apart from the group-phase where they had lots of luck. The matches versus Inter and Arsenal amazed me - great Euro-nights!

Ulm rocks!

What a superb show yesterday! I knew that the "Roxy" is a good spot for rock-shows, but yesterday was really a highlight. It was a lot of fun to attend the show and we were slightly drunk. Alright, at the aftershow-party we were heavily drunk;-) And so were the boys, too...


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