Terrific Torres secured derby win

Two goals from Fernando Torres gave Liverpool the deserved win in the 208th Merseyside derby after the poor referee Riley failed to help him in a very physical match. Robbie Keane is still waiting for his first goal in a red shirt, but I think it's vital to give assists for a striker with a clean score-sheet. It's a question of time for him to start firing. Meanwhile Torres stated that he will fire LFC to silverware. Hopefully the team can manage to secure points in the non-prestige matches and avoid dropping them like they did versus Stoke. After the surprising home defeat of Arsenal, LFC is staying behind Chelsea only by difference of goals.

in action

I bought this saucepan a few days ago at IKEA. I don't wanna promote IKEA as I won't never ever get money of them;-) But beside Tefal and WMF, which are without a doubt are very good manufacterers, this is a cheap and good addition for a kitchen.

Merseyside derby

If you compare the squads, the result should be clear. Liverpool has an eye on the PL title and strenghened their squad with massive summer signings. One of them is Robbie Keane, who would hopefully start firing in the derby. On the other side, Everton missed to sign good additions. I expect LFC to win this derby to stay in touch with Arsenal or even overhaul them!

The One Last Dance

Check out "the one last dance" on www.myspace.com/flamingogogo for a more silent moment beside rock music. Flamingo is the solo project of Emil Bulls singer Christoph for making "electro-pop-rock", which is turning out pretty well.


Damn, I just figured out how cool this song and the video is. This is a real rockband, baby!

Lucas sinks Crewe

A very different starting eleven with Agger and Pennant stepped into the next round - mentionable: Agger was on the mark with the opener for Liverpool and Lucas Leiva scored the winner.

Carling Cup - tonight versus Crewe

LFC will take on Crewe Alexandra tonight at Anfield. I think they should reach the next round. It's time to travel to the new Wembley next year for a final!

Metallica is record-breaking

Metallica sold over 100.000 copies of their record "Death Magnetic" in three days after its release. This is German record as no other album has been sold so quickliy. The other good news is that people are buying CDs and are not download them illegally.


Alright, time to mention the guitar heroes here. I tried to play the guitar this weekend and my fingertips were aching afterwards. I wonder if these guys are playing in their way - I can't figure out!

Greetings to Chrissy and Moik (Emil Bulls), Alex Scholpp (Farmer Boys, Tieflader, Dacia), Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) James and Kirk (Metallica) and

Steph Carpenter (Deftones)

and Jerry Horton (Papa Roach)!

Next time I will try to play the drums, stay tuned...

goalless draw

What did I say a few days ago? No unneccessary draw - not a goalless draw versus Stoke City. The referee denied the opener, but there were several chances, the team had to win with a huge amount of goals. You can't win the PL by dropping points in draws. Liverpool climbed to the top of the table by now, let's hope ManU will defeat Chelsea and Bolton win over Arsenal.

World Series Of Poker Europe

The second WSOP Europe is beginning at 1 pm in London with several tournaments until October 2nd. Of course "Poker Brat" Phil Hellmuth is there to gain his 12th bracelet. We'll see if he can do it or if Annette Obrestad will defend her title of the main-event-winner. Also we'll see what the German poker players are able to reach.


Dacia Bridges, former Tape-Singer, performed yesterday in Balingen with her acoustic show and some members of her band "Dacia & the wmd". It was a very good show and it was nice to see my buddies Alex Scholpp (Famer Boys, Tieflader) and Ralf Botzenhart (ex-Farmer Boys) again.

Check out www.daciabridges.com or www.daciawmd.com for songs, tourdates and other stuff...

winning mentality

This was a good start in this season's CL campaign. The ever-ready captain Steven Gerrard secured the victory in Marseille. This team doesn't play very well but they are winning. Five matches - four wins and a draw, whose expection was this result? Everyone tipped this side for a stumbling start. If this team could manage to keep this mentality and avoid unnecessary draws and defeats, then they're in the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and ManU.

This has only been the start, but it could be the season of Liverpool FC - a title winning season!

When do we eat?


1 onion
1 clove of garlic
150 g of bacon
250 g chopped meat (pork)
2 cans of beans
a litre of tomato-ginger sauce (released erlier here)
a bell pepper
a habanero (be careful with it because it's really hot)
3 spoons of honey
tomato purree (if needed)
olive oil
salt, pepper, coriander, majoran

This recipy is the result of my thoughts how the cowboys would have cooked it in the wild west. I can imagine, that they have done it pretty easy with common ingredients and without any kitchen and just a pot ahead on the fire.

A day before you cook the chili, remove the cores and chester out of the habanero. Cut it into small pieces and lay it in the honey. Put it into your fridge until you use it.

You need a pan and a large pot. Peel the onion and the garlic and chop them in very small pieces, do the same with the bacon. Peel the bell pepper, cut it into halves and remove the cores and zesters, chop it too. Spice the meat with salt and pepper and roast it gently with some olive oil in the pan. Also roast the onion, garlic, bell pepper and the bacon with some olive oil in the pot. When the meat has some colour move it into the pot. Add the beans (filtered, no fluid of the can) and overspread it with the sauce. Stir the habanero-honey-mix in and let it gently cook for half an hour. Then it's time to check - if the chili is too fluently, stir some tomato purree in. Season it with salt, pepper, coriander and majoran. Let it simmer for another 10 minutes.

The result is a chili con carne which looks similar to the ones in Spencer/Hill-movies. It tastes sweet first and then you will become aware of the habanero...

What a brilliant album

Of course I bought the new Metallica album on its release date last Friday. I've listened to it now for at least ten times and I'm excited. This is better than St. Anger and in my opinion a summary of their musical achievement. To me, this album contains fat guitar riffs, a huge basement of rhythm, enthusiastic solos and it is completed by a well singing. The lyrics are very dark - but, hey?! - this is a rock band! I think the producer switch from Bob Rock to Rick Rubin has payed off as the sound is very fresh

"Death Magnetic" opens with a heartbeat and the song "That Was Just Your Life" followed by "The End Of The Line" - turn it on, turn it loud, ladies! This two were also the openers for Metallica's show release-show in Berlin, which I unfortunately not attended. This was the setlist, pretty cool:

That Was Just Your Life
End Of The Line
The Thing That Should Not Be
Of Wolf And Man
Broken, Beat and Scarred
Until It Sleeps
Wherever I May Roam
For Whom The Bell Tolls
The Day That Never Comes
Master Of Puppets
Jump In The Fire
Seek and Destroy

Finally, Rafa's team beat United in a PL match

Well, that's what I call a big point! United took the lead  but the Reds won by a the newborn hero Ryan Babel. This match is showing that LFC has got a depth in their squad. Not Gerrard or Torres scored, it was United themselves (hehe...) and Babel. Gerrard appeared for the last 20 minutes in the match.

LFC is second in the league table and by this victory a title challenger. At least, this is the opinion of Rafa and Gerrard. I think the lads should keep their feet on the ground and confirm the challeng by winning the next matches and earn the next big points be beating Chelsea.

But for now - WELL DONE!!!

One day until "Death Magnetic"

As I mentioned before here, the new Metallica album will be released tomorrow!

Bud & Terence

We're celebrating our fanship for Bud Spencer and Terence Hill tomorrow with an evening watching their movies. Of course we will do that in style with chili in the way you see it on some scenes. Stay tuned for the recipy!

The great rivalry

The next clash between the PL giants is scheduled for Saturday. The last victory versus ManU was in January 2006 in the FA cup after one ball from Crouch clocked into the net. He is now in Portsmouth and Torres is likely not to appear and Gerrard also. Arbeloa stated that they owe the fans a victory. I think so too, Alvaro, so do it!

The Black Path Tour Edition

For those of you who still haven't a copy of "The Black Path". The boys released a tour edition including 3 live tracks from this year's Summer Breeze Festival!

Hofbräuhaus Traunstein

As many of you know, I like to drink one or two Weißbier. I experienced in my vacation one of the best Weißbier - of course in Bavaria. The brewery is in Traunstein and they've got the slogan: "Helps in seconds - works for hours" and it's true;-)

Unfortunately, I received the information today, that their beer is not available in Baden-Württemberg, what a pity!

A few days until the world gets louder

I can't wait to get my hands on the new Metallica record. It's really exciting to me how it's turned out! Check out www.metallica-quiz.de and take the chance to be Metallica fan no. 1!

world cup 2010 - the first qualifiers

Well, this weekend saw several qualifiers for the 2010 world cup in South Africa. Maybe in South Africa, there are still doubts about the schedule of the organisation. We will se how it turns out in the nearer future...

Germany had a good start in this qualification with a 6 - 0 win over Liechtenstein. OK, this is not a major opponent but some other teams had their difficulties. Look at England for example. Joe Cole saved them with scoring twice at Andorra, without him I suppose they would had a draw like Sweden in Albania. France went down in Austria, very mentionable defeat. The Frenchies again...

The seemingly ended battleing between Ballack and Bierhoff reached the next level. It's kind of amusement seeing or reading their interviews these days.

Death Magnetic leak

Metallica's new album made his way on the internet 10 days prior the official release date due to a failure of a French record store, which sold a number of copies. Tststs... the Frenchies...

Surprisingly Lars Ulrich's reaction was very relaxed:

"Listen, we're ten days from release. I mean, from here, we're golden. If this thing leaks all over the world today or tomorrow, happy days. Happy days. Trust me. Ten days out and it hasn't quote-unquote fallen off the truck yet? Everybody's happy. It's 2008 and it's part of how it is these days, so it's fine. We're happy."

I don't know if he's serious or ironic. Well, the real fan will buy a prober copy anyway so will I do!

Dalton brothers

I rediscovered "Lucky Luke" comics these days, especially my favourite characters the Daltons!

transfer period deadline is over...

...and it brought unbelievable developments allover the Premiership clubs.

First of all I think Liverpool has strengthen his squad, although Gareth Barry didn't join the Anfield outfit. This pursuit wasn't unnessecary anyway. The major players who the club were signing seems to give Rafa more options. He also stated that Jermaine Pennant won't be freezed out by him - for those of you who forgot him! Pennant can prove now that he is valueable for the squad and has the view to line up in the Carling Cup clash later this month. A too late bid from Arsenal for Xabi Alonso was rejected and this is remaining him to be a Red for at least until January.

The signing of Riera and Keane was undoubtly needed. After losing Riise and Kewell bringing a good left foot/winger to LFC is increasing the game with having the choice between Riera and Babel and not leaving Keane out there alone. Let's hope the partnership Keane/Torres are bringing more goals or room enough for their teammates to score. A good defence and a quick, strong attack is the key to challenge for the title!

The other clubs developed in some directions that was sometimes not really expected. ManCity signed Shaun Wright-Phillips and Robinho. The big spending seems not to end as they wanna bring Cristiano Ronaldo to the other side of Manchester. Meanwhile Newcastle and West Ham failed to improve their squads and this clubs saw their managers Keving Keegan and Alan Curbishley leaving immediately after the transfer period ended as a consequence for being not competative enough in their eyes.

The Premiership had the first three matchdays but it begins right now!

late deals

Welcome to Anfield, Albert Riera! The Spanish international signed a four-year contract on the very last day of the transfer period. Kop legend Mark Lawrenson stated that Riera will appear miles better than in his Manchester City days. I hope so, Mark!

Meanwhile, Andriy Voronin and Steve Finnan are leaving Anfield for moves to Hertha BSC on loan (Voronin) and a transfer free move to Spanish side Espanyol (Finnan).

hail to Unterwirt, Waging, Bavaria

I experienced one of the best Schnitzel in my life there - filled with Obatzda. If you are there visit this restaurant for dinner.

dreamgirl of the month - September

Matching to beachvolleyball and the Olympics last month - beachvolleyball-player Laura Ludwig

no goals

LFC reached a goalless draw at Villa Park yesterday. Luckily, Chelsea also had a draw so the Reds are chasing them at the league table.

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