Itchy who?

What a action yesterday! It began with a rainy weather and through this flat streets. The rain was freezing allover. So our "journey" took a little longer than it was planned. We arrived a little bit late at the venue and guess what? It was sold out! Nobody could predict that this concert would have such an attendance. An absolute desaster! But luck appeared in form of Saikov, the Itchy Poopzkid-drummer who helped us out. Thank you so much! The concert was really good, a cool closing concert for 2007!



Since two weeks or so, the temperature is way below zero here. But the weather is fine. That and the last to displays of my mighty Reds is making my mood way better.

We're only a few days from New Year's Eve away. The plan is to get a couple of people at an airfield in the near together to party! I think it would be an amazing event.

The "music-year" closes tomorrow with a show of a German punkband called "Itchy Poopzkid", who I've never seen live by now.


Have a nice Christmas everybody!

Another defeat

The Reds are out of the League Cup. The team sheet showed the youngsters at Chelsea. I think Rafael Benitez has chosen to give them a shot. Anyway the competition is over and I hope they will do better in the FA Cup. It's illusive to dream to compete about the Premierleague title. That's over, I think.

League Cup

Chelsea is Liverpool's opponent tonight. I know that the League Cup is not as important than the FA Cu but I was at the League Cup Final at Cardiff a few years ago. I have good memories about March, 2nd 2003 at Wales. Not only that the Reds won, I met one of my boyhood idols John Aldridge there. Maybe I can repeat it at Wembley next year, who knows?



Song of the day: Paradise Lost/The Enemy

Weekend is over...

... and went too fast! It was really good. Three days of christmas market, two rounds of poker and full house on saturday to the pizzas. They turned out to be antipasti with manchego, then ham and then salami. It took longer to make them then to eat;-)

The only lowpoint of the weekend was the defeat of Liverpool to Manchester United!

Song of the day: 30 Seconds To Mars/The Kill


This weekend will be great, I suppose. There's is a christmas market just a few metres to walk. This means I can drink a couple of mulled wine. Tomorrow is the traditional "pizza-convention" in my domicile. We will se what kind of pizzas will be the result, I will tell you next week, stay tuned...

Marseille 0 - Liverpool 4

What a great answer after that unnecessary defeat in Reading! Well done, lads! I'm excited about the next opponent either Seville, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Inter and AC Milan. Let's see who is the next stepstone on the Reds' way to the final.


Penne with peas and chili cream

You're smart enought to cook penne, so I will lead into the sauce.

You need

140 g peas (a little can)
200 g cream
1 sip of brandy
1 spoon of tomate puree
2 teaspoons of harissa (a Tunesian chili paste, you can use something similar, of course)
a pinch of salt
some basil
a little bit butter

Use a deep pan with a solid bottom. The recipy works with another pan also, but the result is maybe not that good.

Melt the butter and sway the peas in it for a little while. Extinguish it with the brandy and reduce it. After that, stir the tomato puree in it. Cant the cream over all and let it cook for a few minutes. Spice it up with harissa and salt. Now taste! When the sauce is finished stir the basil and the penne in.

Kristin Kreuk

She is the only reason to watch my favourite TV series "Smallville" at the moment. The whole story seems weirder from season to season. Anyway, isn't she cute?


Song of the day: 30 Seconds To Mars/A Beautiful Lie

Last summer

One more time at the castle with a nice guard...

... and in front of my own yacht (I will buy it, when I earn millions in poker)...

... and my partner in crime Uwe - enjoying the lifestyle of the rich and famous at Cafe Opera

Last winter

A picture from us inside the castle...385050-4

...and at Kvarnen...385050-5

...and shopping at NK!   385050-6

Poker can be really rude

I can't still believe it. We were playing a four-handed round on Saturday. I went broke with pocket rockets for the second time in the last few weeks. I raised to 300, got re-raised to 600 and re-re-raised it to 1800. And what did the guy have? A pair of deuces! Obviously he flopped the set and I moved all in on that flop. How can you answer a raise with a re-raise and call this much with the ducks, huh?

I've never went through such a phase since I started to play poker. My raises have been called so often with the way weaker hand and I got beat. It's time for a change and for an expierence of success. Hope it's not far...

Thursday, St. Nicholas day

I've celebrated it on my favourite spot called "Carlos" with a few co-workers of mine. It's a nice little tapas lounge and only 50 metres to walk from my flat. We had tasty tapas and some drinks - what a funny evening. Such evenings could last longer. But we have to work to day. Luckily it's Friday, that means the weekend isn't far;-)

Speaking of weekend - what's going on? I don't know. We don't have that much possibilties here. Maybe I'll get a poker match together with some buddies. By the way, this week's TV season of "Poker After Dark" is pleasure to watch with my favourite player Phil Hellmuth. It's always amusing to see him play, especially when he busts out.

Song of the day - Emil Bulls/Revenge
Food of the day - self-created spaghetti carbonara (the recipy will be in one of my next entries, stay tuned)

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is one of my absolute favourite bands. The last two albums have been played at least weekly on my stereo. They confirmed new European tour dates supporting him in the new year - unfortunately not in Stuttgart and not in Sweden. If you're have the opputurnity to attend a show of them, then go for it.

Oh, I forgot to wrote my opinion about Liverpool FC in my last entry. I'm very satisfied with the last results and even more satisfied with the amount of goals. It seems the strikers are in good shape. My favourite player beside Steven Gerrard is Fernando Torres at the moment. He brought more quality to the team than I thougt.

And there was the draw for the European Championship next year in Switzerland/Austria. The groups of Germany and Sweden are well to play, or what do you think? It seems that I have to watch the matches on TV instead of inside the stadium due to non-availabilty of tickets. How is it possible to play such a tournament in these small stadiums? However, maybe I will be in the Rasunda for the World Cup qualifier of Sweden versus Denmark, we'll see...


Back to work!

My days off and the weekend are over. The time was running pretty fast last week. I spent my time at IKEA, at the Semtex-concert in Stuttgart's well known concerthall called "Longhorn" and at home hanging out and cooking.

Saturday was outgoing-day with a visit at a christmas market and the disco. Between the market and the disco we took a little break playing poker at my home. As usual the last few weeks - I lost. Maybe I should change the way I play or lady luck joins me every time these days.

Song of the day: Semtex/Falling Into Pieces


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