title more difficult now

This is what Rafa said after the defeat at Middlesborought. I don't agree with that - it's nearly impossible or who believes that ManU will give away this massive lead? Don't get me wrong, Rafa has the gift to play strategic very well and he can read a game. That's the reason why the team is so successful in the Champions League. It's too bad that this is not enough for winning the PL title respectevily defending the top spot that the club had for a while this season. The starting eleven today wasn't bad, surely, but why El Zar and not Ngog? Why is the better striker on the bench? Instead of pursuing the top spot they have to secure the third place, cause Aston Villa isn't too bad right now. Did I mention earlier that Martin O'Neill is a great manager?

this afternoon vs 'Boro

The mighty Reds will be in Middlesborough this afternoon to purchase their - by now - small chance to title no. 19. Meanwhile, Rick Parry has confirmed that he will open his seat as chief executive at Anfield after 12 years. Thank you, Rick, although I can't remember of anything outstanding you did for the club. You can correct me under "commentarer" if you got another opinion about his contribution.

Euro night

Yes, it was a header by Benayoun, which decided the game yesterday! Actually, the difference between the performances in the PL and in the CL are seeming to be big. The team acted a lot better than they did a few days ago vs. ManCity.

tonight at Bernabeu

LFC will face tonight Real in their home stadium in a CL clash. Alonso and Gerrard are fit again but who will start is open until now as Rafa didn't state anything about the teamsheet. Red defenders should be warned, Real won their last match 6-1.

a special night

Just arrived from Freiburg where Itchy Poopzkid were playing yesterday. I like to visit concerts in smaller clubs cause you get more of it. This club was small, the support act was good and the boys from Eislingen did a very good job! This concert was absolutely great! After the show, the band showed up for autographs, chat, photos...

Here are a few pics, shot with my cellphone:

my beloved honey and me

my beloved Panzer and me

my beloved Sibbi and me

Thank you for this special night in Freiburg!

and tonight: The Itch

We will attend a Itchy Poopzkid show later in Freiburg and I'm looking forward to it!!!

another draw, but this time with goals

My Reds kept a point at Anfield as they were one goal (from Bellamy grrr) behind. Kuyt scored and the performance was good without Gerrard, who is still suffering an injury. The team must hope that United will lose some points this season otherwise they will equalise their title score with LFC. Horrible vision...

a few days off

I just arrived in my flat a few minutes ago and I'm enjoying a few days off as work will begin next Tuesday again for me. I'm really glad, because the last three weeks were really busy.

Well, what shall I do/will I do? My beloved honey will drop in later and until then I'm just lazy! Sleeping, playing FIFA07, making pizza for which I bought the ingredients earlier at this new Italian market here.

Btw... I'm looking for a new flat. I don't know where but I know that I wanna a have a proper kitchen like now. That's not easy, believe me, to find something like that... but I'm lucky as I'm not running out of time and have to move in this year. Maybe I will find something in this time. Stay tuned...

new line-up

Check out three videos by now on youtube to see the new Bulls line-up with Andy on guitar. Look for Emil Bulls Finland. This guy sold me me jacket last year in Stuttgart...

next Sunday versus Manchester

It will not be the big show-down versus United but a win is a duty vs. the Citizens. My favourite left-back Insua is back and I hope he is fit all will start tomorrow.

If I would be the boss in Liverpool, then this would be my line-up: Reina - Aurelio, Agger, Carragher, Insua - Riera, Mascherano, Alonso - Gerrard - Kuyt, Torres

I hope Gerrard will be fit!

red international night

Several Reds were in action last night over Europe in some friendlies. Alonso, Torres, Reina, Arbeloa (Spain), Hyppia (Finland), Agger (Denmark), Babel, Kuyt (Netherlands), Skrtel (Slovakia), Mascherano (Argentina's captain), Benayoun (Israel) and Ngog (France U21). That looks like a very multi-cultural squad.

Emil Bulls shock

After 10 years, Chrissy decided to say good-bye to his fellow bandmembers as he feeling to begin something new in his life. Some farewell words from him and the band can be read on www.emilbulls.com. I can understand why he is leaving the band as you never know what the future brings, but also I'm a little bit shocked cause I didn't expect this. I wanna say "thank you" to him as he did to us fans! All the best in your new life, "Alder"!!! It was a pleasure to know you as one of the best guitarist s and listen to your music. I hope we will meet each other at sometimes.

A new guitarist has been found with Andy. I think the band know what they do and he will be a good replacement. He will travel to Finland tomorrow with the Bulls, where the band will play in their new line-up for the first time.

The Itch on tour

Read the band's reviews on their site www.scheisscombo.de, if you wanna have something to laugh.

and again a late winner

Aurelio, Kuyt and Torres fired LFC to a win at Portsmouth. Surprisingly, Rafa started with 6 (!) defenders. I don't know which Role everyone played, but Kuyt and Torres where late substitutes and later scorers. This is a crazy season, boy...

out of the FA cup

The Reds crashed out of the FA cup after extra time. Both teams weren't able to score in the regular time and the low point was the yellow-red card for Lucas, absolutely deserved. Sad but true, Everton were the better team in the extra time. Unfortunately a late winner decided this replay as the ball want in after a no-chance, but a mistake from the defenders. Everyone was prepared for a penalty shoot-out, but at the end (after hitting the woodwork for two times) the little neighbours are progressing into the next round.

first half is over...

... and no winner in sight. Major blow for my Reds: Steven Gerrard is out of match due to an injury. LFC was the better team so far but I counted one good chance by a shot of Xabi Alonso.

in your face

a cool picture of Antonio Ieva, greetz to you, buddy

dreamgirl of the month - February

pokerplayer, actress and singer/songwriter Tiffany Michelle

Merseyside derby tonight - live!

Thanks to DSF, who are broadcasting the match tonight! That means another football evening with pizza and beer!

a short stay

Robbie Keane returns to Tottenham after being with Liverpool for only 6 months. It seemed he would never fit in the team and could cope with the burden to wear the famous red shirt with the 7. Sometimes such things could happen... everything looks perfect, but then... we will see who will make the next attempt to wear the 7. Something about Keane, maybe his character is not easy to handle, we don't know what happened inside Melwood...


Hope dies last! Fernando Torres proved his apporaches and sank Chelsea by two late goals. Finally, Rafa shared my opinion and fielded the strongest side. It seems the team is willing to pursuit Chelsea. Don't give up!

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