LFC signed Robbie Keane!

This rumour turned out to be the best summer signing in my opinion! Welcome to Anfield, Robbie Keane! He already made his debut in the pre-season friendly at Villareal

Euro away shirt

This will be next season's Euro/3rd shirt. The last one was better.

Metallica revealed their cover for Death Magnetic

Also they revealed the tracklist of their new album!

That Was Just Your Life
The End Of The Line
Broken, Beat & Scarred
The Day That Never Comes
All Nightmare Long
The Unforgiven III
The Judas Kiss
Suicide & Redemption
My Apocalypse

Albstadt Open - the final word

This was really a great day last Saturday. The final result of the spots 12 and 13 on the final table doesn't tell the whole story. First of all I was impressed how well the teams did this tournament. Both sides faced strong opponent and kept up with them. I think we deserved a little bit more but we had unlucky defeats. It was fun and pleasure to watch both teams who had also a great team spirit. Obviously, we were the best looking team with our red shirts;-)

getting ready for the first match

captain fantastic Michael Heuer with Ralf and our major fan Matthias

we threw a new player in

team II with their captain fantastic Fabi

the manager ;-)

team I


It's my final appearance at my business today before I will be blessed with three weeks off! Stay tuned for some records what is going on in my vacation, hopefully with lots of sunny days without any stress.

good luck

Finally the tournament will start tomorrow with 14 teams now. I guess there will be three groups with 4 or 5 teams and I hope our two teams will not face each other in the group-phase. Here is who Michael H. and Fabi G. will lead out:

Speaking of the group-phase - a winning start will be vital for tomorrow's campaign! The teams are able to win matches if they put some pressure on their oppontents and play tactically clever and gain the lead early. They could earn at least one place in the final round. I'm confident the boys and girls will do it tomorrow and we can have a wonderful day tomorrow! Be excited - not nervous!!!


Rafa Benitez earmarked that he is desperate to sign Robbie Keane and Keane himself is also desperate to move to the Reds as he is a boyhood LFC fan. He would be a great purchase but from where will his chances come from? If you watched ManU or Chelsea, they seemed to be able to score from everywhere and to be honest - the only two players at LFC, who could carry this are Torres and Gerrard. The offense should be strengthened by wingers to give Rafa more options. He is also still in the hunt of Gareth Barry, who is also not a winger. This transfer doesn't make any sense and if Keane arrives, there will be no funds to purchase Barry.

The other problem in the squad is actually that LFC has a shining first eleven but this quality is not continuing on the bench. The absence of Mascherano is not easy to handle. I can't see a player who could replace him. Therefore the rehabilitation of Agger is going on really well and he will crush the opponent's striking as good as Carra. Here we come back to the wings with the full-backs.

Dossena wasn't bad at his early performances. He will compete with Finnan for the right full-back's position and it will be the right one to win a starting place, no matter who. The left side is the one to worry about. Degen has to improve as well as Aurelio, who hasn't an outstanding appearence since his arrival. This position has been weakend so far with the exit of Riise and the supposed exit of Arbeloa, who is intending to head home for personal reasons.

pre-season friendly

The Reds played a pre-season friendly in Berlin yesterday and it was broadcasted on German TV. Gerrard and obviously Torres, Alonso, Arbeloa and Reina were missing due to injury or vacation. Rafa brought almost every player in his squad and recognized that there's some work in LFC's defense. Voronin missed to score from the spot. I thougt that Dossena and again Pacheco made a good impact. If Pacheco is constantly developing, he has a bright future at Anfield. Degen must do better, he wasn't shinig yesterday. Anyway, the starting eleven will look totally different when the Reds kick off the new Premier League campaign.

My first team looks like this at the moment:

Reina - Dossena, Carragher, Agger, Arbeloa - Mascherano, Alonso, Pennant - Gerrard - Torres, Kuyt

Let's see if Rafa will follow suit or if something will change if Alonso exits Anfield or Robbie Keane or Gareth Barry will arrive.

Uwe Ochsenknecht

A well known actor and also known for stunning actions during German game-shows like "Extreme Activity". He has two sons, who started attempts in making music. Please Uwe, tell them that they can't sing! What they're doing are musical crimes! Yes, I know what you're saying, I don't have to listen to them. But we have TVs in our gym and for some reasons they show VIVA. And this two less-talented "musicians" are on rotation there. You know what I'm saying?

The Chefs

This entry means a lot to me as I'd like to thank and greet the chefs, who are influencing my way of cooking!

First of all - as you're expecting it - Jamie Oliver! Oliver's Twist was the first show of a chef I've watched regularly and so do I today. His style is both fascinating and crazy at the same time. This got me away from common recipies and trying out some crazy stuff.

Tim Mälzer
He was running the best show on German Television for a few years and showed how to cook fast and cheap.

Die Kochprofis
They deserve it to call them pros! Mario Kotaska, Martin Baudrexel, Stefan Marquard and Ralf Zacherl are showing real passion for good food.

Best regards also to the "oldies": Horst Lichter, Johann Lafer, Alfons "den Bursch'n" Schuhbeck


I can't understand why people have tons of frozen pizza in their fridges. Unable to make a dough? Too much work? Silly arguments in my opinion, because a self-made pizza tastes much better and you know what you're dropping on it! The only thing I put into my freezer are small cans with tomato-sauce, or even better tomato-ginger-sauce.

Here's your foolproof instruction for the best yeast-dough... you need:

250 g flour type 550 + a little more
50 g semolina (durum wheat)
1 yeast cube
a pinch of salt, a smaller pinch of suger
160 ml tepid water
a sip of good olive-oil (no, not to drink)

Mix the flour with the semolina and build a "wall" of it in a large bowl. Pull the yeast into small pieces and put it with the salt, sugar and the water into the wall. Stir it with a fork in your flour-wall until everything has the consistence of a dough. Splatter the dough with the olive oil while stiring. Now dredge you hands with flour and pound your dough. This is important as the dough gets elastic and soft. Pound for 5 - 10 minutes. Cover the bowl with the dough and let the dough rise for at least one hour.

My favourite pizza is simply ham and cheese! I don't use Gouda or Mozzarella (pretty boring), instead use Austrian cheese or Cheddar or Greyerzer. Also I like roasted zucchini pieces with bacon or antipasti. You've got phantasie - use it!

two capatains - one destiny

What do I have in common with Steven Gerrard? Yes, we're both suffering an injury!

this is it

Stay tuned for our teamsheet as we will finish our talks about the squads and new players this week!

ligament news

I underwent the MR and this is what the doc has found: one of the three ligaments arched and another is nearly arched. Therefore I am ruled out for beachvolleyball next weekend. I need a director's chair!

The Reds in Switzerland

My mighty Reds run their training camp in Interlaken and won their second friendly by goals of Voronin and Spanish youngter Pacheco. A relaxed Steven Gerrard wasn't on the mark in this match.

And here two nice pictures of Fabio Aurelio and Jamie Carragher on the way to the training pitch...



The weather forecast seems not to allow a beach training in the next few days, but we'll se.

Unsung hero Michael Heuer - his name doesn't appear at the final table of the Bike Marathon as his journey around Albstadt took a few minutes too long.

I will by tomorrow what is really with my ankle and if I could aim an appearance next week.

We will play in red!

Finally, we finished the design for our shirts! They will be red (I like it!) with white trims on the shoulders, our name on the chest and Carlos promotion on the back, no names or numbers. The logo which was unveiled here earlier won't be used as we go for a bright writing.

The expiry date for the registration is over. Twelve teams will be in the race for Albstadt Open glory and we are two of them!

Agger is back

After 10 months of injury suffer, Daniel made an appearance in Liverpool's first pre-season friendly. Welcome back!


86 kilometers, 1600 meters difference in altitude around Albstadt - our teammate Michael did it! He is a finisher of this year's Albstadt Bike Marathon.

He was smiling at the beginning...

The best burgers in Stockholm...

... especially when you exit the Kvarnen at 3am!

LFC news summary

Welcome to the new boys Philipp Degen and Andrea Dossena - the two defenders arrived at Merseyside! I'm courious who will follow them. I think LFC need a new winger to give the offense options.

Good-bye to Harry Kewell and Peter Crouch who exited Anfield and join Galatasaray/Portsmouth.

Javier Mascherano, Ryan Babel and Lucas were selected by their national squads for the Olympics, so they will miss the start of the news season. Mascherano will leave a gap in the first team.

And - unbelievable - the works on the new stadium has been started!

What the hell?!

The moment of truth is delayed until next week. I will undergo an MR because the doctor had no idea about my ankle... frustrating situation!


This is how a real burger menu should look like - in my opinion!

Steam a chopped little onion in some olive oil. Add it to 250 g minced meat and add an egg, a spoon of mustard, a teaspoon of harissa (or some other chili sauce), salt, pepper, majoran and a handful of breadcrumbs also. Stir it all to a dough. Share this dough in two halfs and mould two burgers. Roast them in some butter. Put the finished burgers into two crunchy rolls with some lettuce and a little ketchup.

Moment of truth

My moment of truth will be this evening when I will visit a medical specialist with my injury. My ankle is getting better everyday and I'm nearly free of afflictions. The question is: What is really with my ligaments and how serious is this injury? Wish me luck when I'll try to find out!

car and babe

a photo of Janna (co-worker) and me in front of our bank

dreamgirl of the month - july

It's Finnish sweetheart and singer Tarja Turunen!

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