Injury blow

I tore the ligament in my left ankle at an penalty shoot-out tournament last friday. It's hard to pick up such an injury in a sport that I love. And also it's annoying, because I will miss the Albstadt Open. I feel sorry for my teammates but I can't help it. There are things you can't choose and they are happening so quickly. Thanks for the good wishes I experienced this weekend, it's good to hear it!


Fernando Torres scored a magnificent winner as Spain were deservedly crowned champions of Europe after dominating a one-sided final against Germany in Vienna.

Congratulations to the Seleccion, who were the best team in this tournament!

What an evening!

As many of you know, it was my birthday yesterday! Starting with a superb warm-up at my flat, especially in my kitchen, we experienced a stunning semi-final with a German victory. Thank you, lads! This was the best present!

Thanks to the boys and girls who spent the evening with me and to Jens for the places in the front row.

girls talk with Andrea and her huge wodka orange;-)

Andi, what do you think? How are the chances that Germany is going to win?

Tasty, huh?!

Rock n' roll, baby!

new away shirt

This will be LFC's away shirt for next season. It reminds me of the away shirt they wore at their last Premier League title.

The Anatomy Of Melancholy

The newest Paradise Lost release with either double DVD & double CD or only double DVD or double CD.

Paradise Lost taped their show last year at the Koko in London for this DVD, a reflection from the album "Gothic" till "In Requiem". Surely, it's a release for fans who have seen Paradise Lost live to have something on a DVD/CD with its twenty songs from over a decade. The highlights are "Sweetness" (really surprising) and the incredible sound. As I said, it's for fans who are knowing that Nick Holmes isn't the best live singer (but he did a good performance) and the show isn't packed of gimmicks.

semi-finals complete

Who guessed this constellation:

Germany - Turkey
Russia - Spain

There were a few surprises in the quarter-finals as Germany was the only time which decided the match in 90 minutes. Turkey and Spain needed the penalty shoot-out to go through. Let's see how it turns out on Wednesday/Thursday...

The Black Path - it will haunt you every night

It's going to be a hot fall this year, when Emil Bulls are going to spread Germany with their live shows on part two of THE BLACK PATH tour. Check the dates out on

German joy at Basel triumph

Germany pinpointed a tactical switch and strong self-belief as the keys to defeating Portugal to reach the semi-finals. It was a highly impressive match to see with Michael Ballack showing that he can be a real captain. I wanna hail Bastian Schweinsteiger for this excellent perfomance, you bounced back in style!!!

Riise completes his move to AS Roma

Thanks for the memories at your time at Anfield, John Arne Riise. Good luck!

You won't be remembered by your own goal but for your great strikes, free kicks and sensational performances in the derbies and finals!

Sverige utslaget av Ryssland

Russia defeated Sweden, but this result doesn't tell the whole story. I don't think it was a bad performance of by the Swedish players, maybe Russia was a little bit better. Surely, Ibrahimovic didn't play on his maximum level with his injury and Larsson wasn't lucky in his opputurnity of scoring in the first half. The team fightened a lot to go through the group into the quarter finals.

Lagerbäck should focus on younger players for the future to build up a squad which can qualify for the WC 2010 and go far there.

Death Magnetic

Lars revealed the title of the new Metallica album, which is scheduled to be released in September (this year, hopefully).

Cuba-Libre connection

A picture of Fabi and me at last Friday's festival

Germany in knock-out round, but what a poor performance

A world-class free-kick by Ballack gave Germany the quarter-final, but I think that's it. Honestly, it was not more than an average performance of the team. I don't know what's Gomez doing there on the pitch. He played undoubtly an excellent season in the Bundesliga, but this tournament doesn't work for him. Löw should rebuild his team for the match versus Portugal.

Btw, what a dramatic match with the lucky end for Turkey...

Garage gigs - festival at a parking garage

Well, this was a really cool event at Friday - a rock festival on the top of a parking garage. Nice Location, great view allover Albstadt, very good bands and a lot of cool people to meet. The headliner did a great show - check Nocreeps out on "One Mankind" is my favourite song since Friday!

Squad news

We signed a new player - welcome to Holger at Real Deportivo de Carlos. We will get you in shape to help us at the tournament, baby!

Euro 2008 - more matches

What an interesting group-phase with a couple of very good matches. I love that they play "Seven Nation Army" for the entrance and not the usual silly songs!

Group A

Czech Republic - Portugal
Another well display from Portugal with Deco and Ronaldo on the top.

Switzerland - Turkey
An undeserved and needless defeat. It's a pity for the hosts that they have been ruled out.

Group B

Germany - Croatia
A horrible performance by Germany, Croatia was really better and keen to win. I don't know what the German lads went for.

Austria - Poland
Austria deserved a win not a draw. They should use their chances!

Group C

Italy - Romania
The Italians were lucky, Buffon made a great save at the penalty but the team played badly most of the time.

Netherlands - France
Excellent match by the Oranjes and a stunning goal from Sneijder.

Group D

Spain - Sweden
A late winner by Villa gave Spain the group victory, another team for the semi-finals in my opinion.

Greece - Russia
Greece deserved to be out this time with this poor performance!

It will be interesting to watch the final matches in the group phase. I think there are exciting games to see, stay tuned!

etthundra inlägg

One hundred entries! It's cool to have this reflection of cool events, cool memories and senseless humor here. I'd like to thank every reader, especially the regular visitors!

Speaking of memories - I've just found these two nice pictures:

2 real Playmates


Euro 2008 - the first matches... each group are over. I'm enjoying it to see this mass of good players in this great championship!

Group A

Switzerland - Czech Republic
Impulsive opener with the luckier end for the Czech Republic. Switzerland deserved at least a draw. Alex Frei - get well soon!

Portugal - Turkey
Impressive vicory by Portugal. Not Ronaldo was the star - the team was it! They could make it into the semi-final with this effort.

Group B

Austria - Croatia
I didnt' watch it. Most people say it was boring.

Germany - Poland
Great offensive display of Germany! Ballack and Frings are the leaders of an impressive midfield. Germany's defense should work on their fine-tuning.

Group C

Romania - France
I just saw the last ten minutes and it was more than enough - boring!

Netherlands - Italy
The biggest surprise in my opinion and the worst Italy I've seen for the last few years. Van Nistelrooy opened in his familiar way to score. Italy had no idea how to handle this opponent.

Group D

Spain - Russia
Hat-trick by David Villa and a great assist by Torres at the first goal. This team can achieve a lot! Their defense was excellent, too.

Greece - Sweden
The only highlight was goal of Zlatan Ibrahimovic after a long abscence of scoring for Sweden. Horrible football by Greece! Not a "drömstart" as they say at for Sweden.

Squad news

Uwe und Sven are running out of time at the tournament, so they won't appear.  Under these circumstances we have to decide if we will play without substitutes. If yes then we couldn't have any injury or something like that.

Metallica shows are a blast

MTV coveraged the Metallica show from Rock am Ring last Saturday. It's exciting even watch them on TV with this hell of a show! This guys are aged around 45 but they seem to be like 30. Their shows have been always great but now they got surprising setlists. I have to look for a opputurnity to see them again.

Conn Smythe Trophy for Henrik

My favourite hockey player has been announced as the MVP of the play-offs and it is deserved!

And the Stanley Cup is in Hockey-Town!

Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings with their leading players Henrik Zetterberg and (of course) Nicklas Lidström!!!



Due to the rainy weather today, there will be no beach-volleyball. I will visit the fitness-center to attend a push and pull-lesson. The funny thing about this lesson is our trainer. He talks like Kent Brockman;-)


Dreamgirl of the month - June

Matching to one of the last entries: Vanessa Rousso - professional pokerplayer


Squad news

It seems that Sonja wouldn't appear, instead we'd like to welcome Manuela to our team!

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