the football year 2010

The football year 2010 - what could I write about it? Well, let's start
with some positive memories, which I have about this year's world cup. We
saw some good football and Germany finished fourth. The Spanish team
collected their well-earned winner's medal, although the final was
excited, but very destructive by the Dutch players. I still have a smile
on my face remembering the German matches, watching with my buddies and
having great evenings.

Looking back at 2010 with the Reds' eyes, there weren't any highlights.
The team crashed out of the Champions League, the League Cup and the FA
Cup, reached the Euro League and are now in the nowhere-land of the table.
It was certainly the right decision to replace Benitez. I whish the
replacement would have been Martin O'Neill instead of Roy Hodgson. I don't
have any doubts about his abilities, but he is the wrong man for the
Anfield outfit. Yesterdays defeat should open the board's eyes to look for
a solution, otherwise LFC's year 2011 would be frustrating and struggling,


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