Queen Anne's Black Fish

Well, this is a dish, which is inspired by one of my favourite series by now. BBC's "The Musketeers" is referring to the famous saga of Alexandre Dumas. In the episode "knight takes queen" Queen Anne wants to be usefull and "grilled" some fish for her guards. To say it better, he killed im for a second time until completely black. Athos' reaction is one of the funniest moments in this series.

Inspired by that I did a black fish, too. A trout roasted gently and served with black olives and black beans. Also I did some other hookline referring to Gascogne as the beans are from a few kilometres from there and cooked with Chardonnay flavours. The olives are working in form of a tapenade as a vinaigrette and also as a spice. To lighten the dish a little bit up there is also a puree from parsley and parsley roots. I think I brought this dish from the 17th to 21th century and did it a little bit better than the Queen.


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